The Guide to the Community Media of Metropolitan New York


  1. Local independent outlet
ForumDaily has published articles in Russian since 2000 for Russian-speaking Americans all over the United States. The largest ForumDaily audience is located in the tri-state area, California, and Florida. In 2018 was launched in order to cover more local news for one of the largest Russian speaking communities in the US – located in New York. In 2019 ForumDaily became the most visited Russian-speaking American website in New York. ForumDaily is also the most represented Russian-speaking media on social media. publishes local news, useful advice about life in the City, and covers local community events. ForumDaily's target audience is Russian-speaking immigrants from former USSR countries, primarily Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, etc. The website has an option to translate the content into the main languages of the former USSR countries.
  • Location:

  • Brooklyn, New York 11204
  • Phone:
  • (347) 604-1261

Target Audience

  • Country of origin:
  • Russia
  • Community:
  • Eastern European, Russian speakers
  • Language(s):
  • Russian, Ukrainian, Uzbek
  • Founded:
  • 2000
  • Newsletter:
  • Yes
  • Type of Media Outlet:
  • Website, Social Media
  • Publishing/Broadcast Frequency:
  • Daily
  • Business model:
  • We do not charge for any content
  • 1-5


Liudmila Balabay

  • Phone:
  • (347) 604-1261


Marina Baranchuk

  • Phone:
  • (347) 604-1261
  • Additional Bureaus:
  • Miami, San Francisco, LA
  • Website Visitors:
  • 15,000